JahQuest is in essence a roots reggae band. What sets them apart from others is their unique blend of traditional reggae with Brazilian regional styles. These styles include Samba, Samba-Reggae, Bossa Nova, Capoeira and Baiao.

With JahQuest, one can expect to hear the one drop/dub reggae, and some dancehall interpreted in a way no one else does. The same can be said of their Samba. At a show, listeners are entranced with the reggae and moved by the samba styles.

This all started in 1998 when Bryan moved to Los Angeles from Brazil, with the intent on developing this new sound. Along with a series of events and trying times, 2002 was a promising year. This was when the band actually formed. Over the past two years their sound progressed beyond what Bryan had initially imagined. Only of course with Gods guidance and the assistance of his band mates. Each member brings with them the important ingredients needed for this sound.

More to Come!